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"I had to console him." Now 43, Boehme is not only still alive, he has put his experiences of being a gay, indigenous, HIV-positive man into a solo show. Blood on the Dance Floor, which just played at the Sydney Festival, explores what our understanding of blood means, from heritage to health. Better portrayals Combining storytelling and dance, the work includes a skit on being a camp "gay elder" in drag, discussion of stigma around HIV in the gay community (particularly when trying to find a partner), and moments when Boehme is framed, moving, against streams of blood, with bubbling red cells projected against the wall. Most important, he says, female bathing suits is rewriting the conversation on what being HIV-positive means. Image copyright Bryony Jackson Image caption Boehme's show features a projection representing blood cells "Anything shown in the media บิกินี่เอวสูง พร้อมส่ง or entertainment, it's always been some kind of memorialisation of the Aids crisis back in the '80s. Everybody dies," he elaborates. "That's not relevant to me and to many of the other men and women that I know living with HIV. There isn't an image of a healthy functioning person with employment and prospects - you don't see that portrayed anywhere." Another key step, he says, is broadening our understanding of who suffers from the virus. According to the University of New South Wales, notification rates (the reporting of newly-diagnosed cases) of indigenous men with HIV doubled in the past five years from 6.2 per 100,000 to 12.4 per 100,000. In contrast, non-indigenous notification rates fell by 12%, said the report by the university's Kirby Institute .

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