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Some Ideas For Consideration On Necessary Criteria For Footwear

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Berlin Many leave campaigners remain convinced that German business leaders will force Mrs Merkel to grant the UK a special free trade deal in order not to lose British trade. But that's not what's happening. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Angela Merkel has said Britain will not be able to cherry-pick the best bits of the single market Instead German firms are remarkably united in their support of the chancellor in her rejection of British "cherry-picking" - even if it means losing business in the short-term. When you talk to German bosses they say their top priority is in fact the integrity of the single market, rather than hanging on to British customers. That's because their supply chains span across the EU. A German car might be designed in Germany, manufactured in Britain, with components made in various parts of eastern Europe, to be sold in France. This only works if there are no cross-border tariffs, paperwork or red tape. Support for Merkel German companies - more often family-owned and with deeper connections to their regional heartlands - tend to look at the wider picture, sometimes thinking more long-term. They supported Mrs Merkel on sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, even though that meant a blow to trade. The financial hit was deemed less bad for business than worsening unrest in nearby Ukraine.

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