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An Essential Overview Of Choosing Aspects In Local News

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Weiss argued that intersectionality creates a “hierarchy” of victimhood in which Zionist feminists fall on the wrong side of the line. Maybe she is right about the hierarchy of identity politics; but intersectionality is obviously the reigning Mood of the Left right now, and if you want to be in the left you must at the very least respect this political culture and appreciate the ways that it empowers people who were once exiled by elites– who have their own hierarchies. This is the panel’s core anguish. They like to see themselves as progressive. But they don’t know if they can handle the company. “I felt this tiny shift to the right,” Marisa Kabas said, when she realized that something she’s never been that vocal about, her Zionism, was being called out by leftwing feminists. Libby Lenkinski, the Israeli liberal on the panel, said the upsetting thing about the Black Lives Matter platform published last summer citing Israeli “genocide” against Palestinians was that the black activists didn’t check that language ahead of time with their pro-Israel allies and then change the language, as traditional coalitions would have done. And that’s because being pro-Israel is just not considered progressive anymore– even if you support Palestinian women, as Lenkinski insists she does, working with the New Israel Fund. Panelist Emily Shire went much further in expressing her discomfort with the left– into orientalism.

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